Autograph books!

This is how the story goes.

My son’s teacher and I met a couple of weeks ago to go over all the stuff left to do for the end of the year and to plan the end-of-year party, etc. Well, as we were talking, she happened to say that at the party they’ll do the autograph books. WAIT. STOP. HOLD THE PHONE. I said. Ok.  I thought. I actually said, "What autograph books"? She pulled out one from years past. And said that it’ll be something like that. WAIT A SECOND. Then she proceeded to talk about food and SILLY THINGS LIKE THAT. I said "Hold on, back up, these autograph books … you make them?" She said yeah. UM. I said, "well, let me do that for you". She said, "well, you are doing so much already". UM!!!! HELLO!!! I said, "it’s paper, right? Then it’s mine to do. I said you’ll never see me sign up for food or cooking anything… unless I have no choice!" AH… paper… can you smell it?
So, yes, that is the story of how I came to make the autograph books.

Now here is the lesson I "RE"-learned. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Mine… a bunch of 5-6 year olds who don’t care about perfection or color or cute or binding or weight of paper, etc. AND KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE AND ACCEPT THAT before you start.

I knew who my audience was. I just didn’t care apparently. Until I was mid-to-late into the project. Then I cared. And time was ticking…
So, 24 books later… 144 sheets of paper with little photos on each corner printed and cut and bound together with heavy cardstock covers… I was done. And happy to be done but I really did
like the way they turned out. My biggest challenge besides time… was figuring out what to put on the cover. I was going for a Hollywood look but for kindergarten.

idea behind the book is that each child (and the 2 teachers) would get one. Then they would go around and get each other’s autograph. Gives them something friendly to do with their classmates one last time… practices writing yet again… and just generally a GREAT idea, I thought.

My problem is everything I did for the
class had this "it will be with them forever" attached to it… like I was in charge of the "Memories" or something.
The teacher often called her class to attention o
ut in public (where other kids were) by "Room 11" … their room number. It worked so well, I was amazed actually. That’s another story. So, my title became "The Stars of Room 11". And what better than the A Muse clear alphabet "Broadway". Fitting, no?

They were a big hit… and more importantly the kids thought the game was fun.

Colored printer paper
Michael’s Red, Black Cardstock
Heavyweight White Chipboard (for covers)
SU! Whisper White Cardstock
Stamps by A Muse – Broadway alpha clear set, Birthday builder clear set
Marvy Mega Star Punch
Memento Dandelion Ink
Red Spica Glitter Pen
Rubicoil Binding Machine


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