More notecards for the Kindergarten people this time!

Well, I think I told you before that I started to make these note cards a long time ago for my son’s kinder teachers and then I ended up making some generic one for my other son’s preschool people. Well, I made some of these a long time ago and then I made the rest earlier this week! When I made the first batch, I seemed to have forgotten some of the people at the elementary school who are behind the scenes and do so much for my son and others. These are the ones that I made earlier this week and they got the A Muse school house note cards!

But first let’s start with the "specific" teachers…

All sets are 12 cards (4 to a sheet): white matted onto some color card stock; Names pDsc_1359_smallrinted via computer/printer using MS Publisher

The Music Teacher
Music Note from SU! Elegant Notes Set

Basic black and white


The Art Teacher
A Muse Crafted By stamp
Lovely Lilac and white

P.E. TeacherDsc_1362_small
A Muse soccer ball
Tempting Turquoise and white


A Muse stack of books
Pixie Pink and white


and while she’s not a teacher, she does something VERY important – she takes his life and the others on the bus in her hands every single day… The Bus Driver:

The other group of very important people received the school house cards. Here’s the group shot of those:


As I’ve said before, these gifts are SUPER FAST to make, yet IMHO very personal. You can put their names on them or not and still give a hand-made gift!

I hope you like them!

I still have 3 or 4 more posts of school gifts coming up. Can you believe it?

In other news, are you playing along with my WACKY Color challenge? There are prizes for playing! Go, do it.


One thought on “More notecards for the Kindergarten people this time!

  1. Holy smokes Geeta!!! You’ve been a BUSY lady! Nothing new I guess, but I can’t believe all the projects you’ve been doing!!! I love these notecards! I just made a set for one of my son’s teacher’s and am making another one for his other teacher this weekend. I used the Schoolhouse for the first set and am using the Piggy for the next one. Such a great idea Jennie had and you did an awesome job on all of these, great idea to print off the titles on the computer and just stamp the main images too!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

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