Not a sneak but another Two-fer!

I know it’s not a sneak… but in my frenzy to get stuff stamped yesterday (a welcome break to prepping for all of my AP classes this week!), I decided to do a challenge or two…

You may not know that Jennie is our A Muse Addicts WEEKLY challenge creator on the every growing A MUSE ADDICTS site. This is WEEK 50 of challenges she’s thought up by herself… OMG. She is one talented lady.

This week’s challenge is to do something "HOT"… it’s ALWAYS hot here in Texas but currently it’s VERY HOT.

Well, Heather has her Share your Spark challenge going on also. Her challenge this week is to use patterned paper on your card. I’m not a patterned paper on my card kinda girl but challenges are supposed to be challenging, right?

Dsc_1512_small I had my good ole fan stamp out for something else so I thought I’d use it for my "HOT" card. Then I saw this paper in my scrap pile… VOILA. Wait for it…..


…. I know… you’re sick of that. I’ll *try* to stop.

Images by A Muse; Note cards by A Muse;

Thanks for stopping by….

MORE SNEAKS coming up!


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