Stamp Antonio Pics from AP 2008

I managed to snap a few pictures last night at Stamp Antonio’s AP class. I’ve set up a photo album for my adventures in teaching AP 2008 this week. Check it out!

Hi ladies! I had a great time there. The classroom is so spacious! It’s wonderful!

Off to teach my class this evening!


2 thoughts on “Stamp Antonio Pics from AP 2008

  1. Hi Geeta,
    I feel so lucky to have been able to attend your class last night at Stamp Antonio. You are extremely patient, even though you nailed me as one of your, um, er, more challenging students. 😀 You are a treasure and I hope you’ll be able to comr down for more classes.
    One question ~ how do I log on to see your album? I guess I’m not connected to TypePad, except to leave comments. Hay-elp!
    Fondly, Helen (who’s still glittering from last night’s fun)

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