PROUD mom!!!

So, you’ve probably heard me whining about how neither of my boys like to do art… well, Kindergarten changed my eldest! THANK YOU to those special teachers out there! šŸ˜‰ Remember this post?

My son turned 6 in June and my mother gave him, yet SOME MORE art stuff. I was thinking what a waste of money BUT my son has used all the things she’s given him. WOHOO. Then came the dreaded thank you cards. I was going to cheat this year and do the fill-in-the-blank ones that you can print at the Family Fun website. But I asked him what he wanted to do… know what he said? "Mom, (when did I lose the "my" from Mommy????) I’d like to stamp some thank yous". REALLY????? OMG!!! OK!!! So, off he went. Now, getting him to actually write in them was a different task for a different day. But in the end they were mailed off and the world was in balance again.

So, that got me thinking… Hmmm… I really want to encourage this stamping behavior. I asked the powers-to-be about having a kid contest for AP or sometime. Wouldn’t that be fun? He could make a card and other kids around the globe could make cards and they could all be put online (the cards, not the kids ;)) and boy wouldn’t that ahem, boost his ego? So, the powers agreed and this week’s AP challenge is for Kids to make cards AND/OR to make kid themed cards.

Here’s his card…. (btw… he’s asked me EVERY day for 3 weeks if his card is on the internet yet…Oy vey!)… Now, to be fair… I did cut the paper (I have scary paper cutters and those really shouldn’t be used by children)… but that’s ALL I did. he was SO thrilled that he got to use my good stuff.

Here are the details of the challenge:

  • Get out your stamps and let your kids create the cards!  No kids? Then create a kids-themed card!
  • The card must feature at least one (1) A Muse stamp image
  • Upload your child’s card and/or yours to your gallery on, taking care to include the keyword AP08KIDS1 (for your child’s card) or AP08KIDS2 (for yours) in the photo description or keyword box.
  • When you’re finished, copy the url/link of your upload and post it in the comments area of this post by midnight, SATURDAY July 19th. (One day earlier than usual.) 

Aren’t you impressed? Okay, well, you should be… this is the boy that when in preschool, I never got any artwork to take home. The teacher would say "Yeah, he didn’t want to do it". Ho hum. But look at him now!

He’s a BIT obsessed with the twinkle stickers. He thinks they are the same thing that Indian ladies (Indian = from India …. like my family) wear on their forehead. They are not, in fact…. but who am I to stop him šŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “PROUD mom!!!

  1. I see a budding A Muse Designer coming! He did a great job and was right to pester you to post it. What fun!

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