Birthday Cards!

I am so deeply touched by all of the cards I’ve received for my birthday this year. I set up a photo album of all the cards I received. Please check it out if you get a second. LOTS of inspiration there… and a bit of purple ;). For those addicts out there, I don’t know how Michelle told you about it… she won’t tell me, but I know she worked hard to do this for me. So, Michelle, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You’re the best!

Thanks go out to:

Amy Hannan
Pamela Fredrickson
Kim Raymunds
Nancy Pope
Rhonda Maynard
Vicki Alberson
Sarah Jay
Kathy Kilbane
Bethann Eckweiler
Adelina Starace
Tinla Woo
Aileen Blackmore
Janice Spry
Connie Heitner
Amy Ybarra
Victoria Fry
Kimberly Linley
Janice Bracht
Tracy Clemente
Dawn Stein
Sharon James
Edye Giordano
Lori Barnett
JoAnn Fannon
Michelle Clark
Jennie Moczan
Novell Eckstrom
Kat Green
Katie Stilwater
Teresa Ehteshami
Elena Shacochis
Jeanne Collins
Susan Nakata
Lara Hoefer Moir

I hope I haven’t left anyone off. If I did, please let me know. It, of course, is not intentional!

Thanks so much for making 40 more fun!


One thought on “Birthday Cards!

  1. Michelle did work really hard! 🙂 And you deserve all of these wonderful cards, you are the best!! What a beautiful bunch of cards you received!

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