My Birthday Present!

So, I don’t know if you know many engineers. And even if you don’t, you probably know at leasF260w_01large_2t one male that likes gadgets. We, stampers, are not too different. We all have our wants of the latest tools out their for paper crafting, don’t we? Well, I fall into to the "want-a-new-gadget" category just like the other engineers I know… only, I also have the crafty gadget desire too. Poor DH. 🙂 So for my birthday this year, I requested one of these: 

I have an older Sony Camcorder for those family videos and such. But I wanted a little video camera to keep with me and to be able to make tutorials and stuff. The tutorials… well, that’s assuming you care to see any, of course. I’ve been playing with my new video camera and it’s SUPER cool and super easy to use.

Now, don’t laugh at me. I made a tutorial. The "what I’m teaching" on this video is readily available all over the web but nonetheless, I thought I’d show it…mainly to test out my new gadget. I would love to hear your feedback on it. I don’t like hearing my own voice but that’s okay. And the lighting isn’t the greatest… so I need to work on that too.

Hope you like it… My very first video tutorial… how to make a bow embellishment:


5 thoughts on “My Birthday Present!

  1. Being a gadget person myself I can totally appreciate your new toy! Great video and it was nice to put the voice with the face. Now off to practice my bows…

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