Copic Markers – Lazy Stamper Take Two…

There is some discussion going on over on the Addicts board about inks, paper and Copics. So, I am posting this for that discussion. Okay, you may remember this post I did in January about Copic Markers and what ink to use….

Now, I’ve revised my "test" to include Memento Inks. I taught a Introduction to Copics class at Memory Depot (here in Austin) in May. I made this chart up for that class. If you’re interested in attending an Intro to Copics class at either Memory Depot or Stamp Antonio, be sure to let them know at the store. They are taking names and phone numbers to let you know when the class will be offered again.

Ok, so on to my test…Dsc_1478_small_2

here were my steps:

1. open ink pad

2. ink up stamp
3. stamp paper
4. close ink pad
5. clean stamp
6. color with yellow copic

* I list my steps only to show you the time I spent between stamping and coloring… NOT much at all.


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