Color Inspiration #17 – My SON’s version – KWerner Style

My 6 year-old son wanted to stamp with me tonight! Dare I say this is a habit, now? I’m not convinced yet… 5.75 years of not wanting to – I still need more convincing. But tonight he wanted to stamp…

So, I asked him of the four colors (Regal Rose, Red Rose, White and Sage Shadow) which he wanted as a card base. He said "GREEN".  Boys. Humpf. So, I gave him the Sage Shadow card base and then let him pick some scraps of the other three. Then I said which stamp would you like to use? Oh, the sheer delight on his face that he could use one of my "work" (i.e. A Muse) stamps! He picked the cute little penguin… although I have no idea why since it’s a 100 degrees here. Whatever.
So, here’s his rendition of Kristina Werner’s color inspiration challenge.

He didn’t want any sentiments on it. Just a bunch of penguins. And some of those TWINKLE STICKERS! He’s a bit obsessed with those. I mean, in general, not just for stamping!

Well, I think he did a smashing job. AND now he knows I’m posting this tonight. So if you would be so kind to leave him a comment, I’d certainly appreciate it and I know he’d be thrilled!

Thanks so much!   


11 thoughts on “Color Inspiration #17 – My SON’s version – KWerner Style

  1. Love the card! I think the penguins are adorable. It reminds of someone’s blog where the penguins follow the mouse.

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