Dare to Get Dirty ’08 – Jenn Balcer style

Jenn and I go way back… to our former lives as SU! demonstrators. Yes, she was my upline. And although we didn’t see each other that often (’cause you know we’re less that 50 miles apart! <shakes head>), we emailed, pm’ed, chatted frequently enough. So, one of the times that I did see her, she gave me a present wrapped in this wide green satin ribbon… well, it’s green and orange and a little bit of yellow (stripes) but I forgot about those other colors. Read on.

Jenn is one of the original Dirty Girls over on Splitcoast. And by dirty, I don’t mean all the "work" she has to do over there ;). If you are a member of the Splitcoast Fan Club, then you know what I mean. If you’re not, then you should look into joining. Not only does the membership help run things over there but you get access to some INCREDIBLE artwork …every single month!

So, Jenn is one of the challengers of this week long celebration over there. First Julie, and then Jenn… and A TON of other dirty girls! If only I had more time, I’d do all of the challenges!

Anyway, I made a card for Jenn’s challenge. And I completely designed the card around this ribbon… the one I had in my head, not the one that she actually gave me. Then I pulled out the ribbon. OOPS. Not all green. I needed all green. Oh well, I had some that worked. But wouldn’t it have been sweet to use the ribbon she gave me on her challenge. Would’ve been.

Dsc_1659_small Go check out the challenge in my gallery on Splitcoast. All the challenge details are over there.

Thanks for the challenge Jenn. As always, you inspire me.


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