Fall colors? What are those?

Dsc_1679_smallTexas doesn’t really have Fall nor do we have Spring. Well, we have about a week of NICE temperatures during those "seasons". The upside is that our winters are relatively nice. The summers get HOT (like today…) but thankfully someone a long time ago invented air conditioning!

Right. Focus. Jenn, aka creative chick, tasked us with a "Fall Colors" themed card for the back-to-school newsletter feature on the A Muse blog. So, here is the card I made…

One of my best friends made this birthday card for me and I think that was my inspiration for this card. I had this idea for the school bus driving up, dropping off, and then driving away… I’m just not sure if the kids are saying "Hip, Hip, Hooray!" or the moms are ;)… Actually, I’m sure in my case, my son (although he says he doesn’t want to go back) will be very happy to have structure (he’s one of those AR kind of kids…wonder where he gets that from?) and see all his friends. His summer wasn’t exactly what I planned for him. Poor guy. I know this fall (only TWO weeks away for school starting here!) I won’t be one of those moms saying "hip, hip, hooray!" (I have in the past, when he was in preschool, believe me!).

Happy Friday everyone. I have a lot of stamping to catch up on. Lots of cool challenges out there – check out the addicts board… lots of new challenges went up this week!


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