Sometimes things just don’t work.

Tomorrow night is the Austin Addicts Gathering Shoebox Swap and Ms. Lexi Daly (Confetti, to most of you!) is coming to town. I’m getting pretty excited about the event. Some great friends are helping me out with the planning and such. They’re so used to it… they plan the Texas Splitcoast Gathering, which is happening here in Austin (at the same venue as tomorrow night!) on October 4th. They posted the event and within 2 days, it filled up and now there is a waiting list! I can’t go to that one- I’ll be teaching A Muse classes! I’ve been to one of the SCS ones but in North Texas (the first one, in fact). I didn’t get to go when it was here in Austin last time because I just had my 2nd son. They are very fun! Anyway, Rae Anne (Huera90) and Brenda (sassybee) have been instrumental in helping me out for this gathering tomorrow. THANKS ladies!

Okay, so anyway, part of the plan is that we will do a shoe box swap. You know, everyone Dsc_1735editeddesigns their own card and then brings the supplies for that card for everyone to make it. THINK SIMPLE, THINK A MUSE… I kept saying to myself last night. OH MY. It just wasn’t working. Every stamp I picked out, I didn’t want to use because I’ve either used it a bunch lately or it just wasn’t "it". Again with the staring… stared at my stamps… then I moved onto picking paper first. That sometimes works. Not this time. THEN I decided to pick the sentiment first. A Muse has some of my all-time favorite sentiments. I figured I’d pick that and then the rest would be cake. It was more like batter then cake, I’d say. Bleck. Nothing clicked. So then I decided I’m just going to make a card. NO BIG DEAL. I think I’m overthinking this TOO MUCH. But anyway. So, I made a card. I ended up not liking this card. Well, I like it. Just not enough for the swap card. I did *finally* get a card done but geeze… talk about creative block. All I wanted to do was watch the Olympics!

Dsc_1736editedI did use a "new-to-me" product on this card. It’s Liquid Pearls. One of my BFFs gave me some for my birthday and I finally got to use it. I had tried it before at one of my stores that I teach at but I didn’t actually own any. I think I have to practice with it a bit more and not get "peaks" in the drops when I put them on there. But I do like the effect. The pearls are all the way around the scallop on the black. I paper pieced the A Muse "simple dress". Pink and black, again. I’m stuck in pink and black. My go-to-can’t-do-anything colors! LOL.

Well, I’ll try to work smarter not harder tonight on all the other stuff for the shoebox swap! Maybe I’ll have more to post tomorrow!

Tell me what you try to get yourself out of a creative slump! Thanks for checking in.


10 thoughts on “Sometimes things just don’t work.

  1. Hey Girl! I was SO JUST LIKE THAT the other day. I swear I worked on 1 of my cards for like almost 2 days!! What’s with THAT! I ended up with like half my craftroom on the countertop!! Now THAT is thinkin’ Simple!?! LOL. Well…your card is VERY cute πŸ™‚

  2. Geeta this came out fantastic! Like I said before, you can’t go wrong with pink & black. It’s nice to hear that even you too have the same creative struggles as the rest of us! Hugs, Tracy

  3. How funny, I am in a similar boat – had a nice, simple card for tomorrow night but I’m thinking it’s too simple and STILL trying to figure out what I am bringing! At 11:30am on swap day! Eek! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to meet you tonight! Oh btw – I left a comment for the one and only Debbie Olson once about her liquid pearls being so perfect and mine looking like hershey kisses, and she replied & recommended turning the paper over and tapping it after you apply the pearls – works like a charm!!

  4. How fun to meet Lexi! Have a fantabulous time! You did a great job on your swap; wish i was there to make it. I read on SCS is to put a dot of LP on your cardstock, then from underneathe, tap gently on the other side (so you are tapping underneathe the dab of LP, but tapping upwards towards the LP…kwim?). It might take a few taps, but the little peak will smooth out. just watch your LP when you do this…sometimes, I have tapped too much, so that the LP pools out too much. Have a great day, and tfs! Tinla p/s; to get out of a slump, I come to wonderful Addicts blog like this one for inspiration:)!

  5. Hmmm… if you’re stuck on pink and black, then you’ll dig my card tomorrow night! (I didn’t do an original one. It’s one that I made earlier this month so it’s probably even already on my blog!)

  6. I think this is a great card–as a newer stamper, I’m in creative ruts all the time!! Usually I just pick up a stamp and go—it doesn’t always work though! πŸ˜‰

  7. Don’t worry, Geeta. I haven’t figured out how to keep the peaks from forming with the Liquid Pearls, either. I hope you have lots of fun with everyone! So jealous you are meeting Lexi!

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