First “ANNUAL” A Muse Addicts Texas Gathering

Gosh, that’s a mouthful. But it’s a true statement. Did you notice the "ANNUAL" and first in there 😉

Dsc_1772edited_smallLast night, 14 of us gathered to have a shoebox swap in honor of Ms Lexi Daly’s trip to Austin (not to be confused with Lexi Stone, who is that anyway? LOL). Lexi and I decided to show some demos, in addition to our swap cards. I’ll show my stuff next week after sneaks are over. But I wanted to share photos of the event, first.  Today is Lexi’s first 39th birthday so we surprised her with a little birthday party – Longhorn style! She and I found out last year when we met online that we both graduated from the University of Texas the same year! How cool is that?

So, we drove a long way (by we, I mean Celina that came from San Antonio!), we met, we ate, we (by we, I mean ME) drank Caffeine too late, we chatted, we laughed, we taught, we learned, we took pictures, we lost our unmarked cups many times (by we, I mean ME), we lost adhesive, we didn’t bring scissors (by we, I mean SOME of us), we shrank stuff, we stickled stuff, we punched stuff, we sang (by we, I mean THEM), we got door prizes, we stamped, and we got home way to late!

It was a great time. In the end we made 16 cards and 1 template that Lexi showed us how to do.  I’ll post the card pictures next week, too.

Special thanks to Rae Anne (Huera90) and Brenda (Sassybee) for helping organize. You ladies ROCK!

On to the photos:


















Until next year…




2 thoughts on “First “ANNUAL” A Muse Addicts Texas Gathering

  1. COOL pics – I want to move to TX!!! 🙂
    Looks like everyone had a great time. So cool that you all could celebrate Lexi’s b-day with her!

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