Proscratination Sneak Peek!

Dsc_1786edited_smallBecause I’m procrastinating and NOT doing what I should be stamping-wise, I stamped this card this afternoon. LOL!

I had clear card on my brain. Needed to make another one. It’s been a while since I made one. And this really isn’t one! LOL. But it was the inspiration for it, I suppose.

There is a "clear" window on the card. And there is that drippy goo punch again.  But the sneak is of the spider web. I love this spiderweb. I stamped it on acetate in Staz On White and punched a window for the acetate to sit in.

The card is an A Muse Orange Crush Note Card turned inside out, so the white is on the outside and the orange is on the inside.

So, why so many spiders? By now, you must know I’m  bug phobic, right… given that I’m deathly allergic to fire ants and pretty allergic to yellow jackets… who am I kidding??? I was bug phobic PRE-the fireant story. Anyway, one time very soon after we built our house (way before children), there was a VERY LARGE spider in our entry way. And it just stared at me. I got my DH to get it… It reared up and then he got it… and a MILLION little spiders came out and scurried every which way. EEEEKKKKKK. I ran up the stairs! 🙂 And that visual is forever branded on my memory walls.

So, this card is kinda about that. Don’t know why. But there it is. "Art" imitating life… LOL.

I took a few other pics for you to get the FULL effect… (card closed on the left and open on the right):

Have a spider-less day!


21 thoughts on “Proscratination Sneak Peek!

  1. I just love this card! Now I have to get the spider web stamp so that I can make this card:) That is 1 crazy story about the exploding mother spider…I’ve got teh creep already, and we’re not near Hallowe’en yet! Uhhh….TFS! Tinla

  2. This is so great, Geeta! I’m off to find that punch today…way fun! My son was HP for the last two years. I love HP so he’d be that every year if it was up to me. Love your cards!!

  3. omg geeta, I made a card like this last night (acetate window with spider web and big spider inside, little spiders outside and same phrase)! Great minds think alike! =) I will post mine later to share.

  4. OMG – I love this card, but you’ve totally freaked me out with your story – ugh!
    I haven’t used acetate in my cards yet- I’ll have to try that – i love how it looks!

  5. What a great idea to put the web on the clear! I love it! (At first glance I thought you’d cut the web out and I was ready to call for the straight jacket! *wink*)

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