Shrinky Dinks!

Remember the A Muse Addicts Shoebox swap a couple of weeks ago? Well, Lexi came in from New Orleans and hung out with some of us Central Texas Addicts. We had a great time making cards, chatting, and getting to know everyone better. One thing Lexi and I did was to demonstrate how to do something. As you may remember I was having a hard time coming up with my swap card, but in the end I opted for simple. But then I had to design another card or something to "teach". Then I remember one of my BFFs gave me some polyshrink (Firsttrials_small_3and all the stuff to go with it!) for my birthday. Seemed like a great time to learn and play!

So, my boys and I (okay, well they were in the room AND they did take some of my first samples!) played with these shrinky dinks quite a bit! And then I had to figure out what to shrink and design a card around it! I thought there might be some stampers there that had done this before so I thought I’d use the A Muse Logo stamp that no one there most likely had.

This picture on the left shows my first attempts. I smeared the A Muse one…oops. Oh then I burnt one of the longhorn ones.. oops. But then I think I got the *hang* of it. I actually love the longhorn ones. I think I gave Lexi one – Hook ’em Horns, Lexi. Lexi and I graduated from the University of Texas the same year (no, we didn’t know each other!) but how cool is that!Dsc_1742edited_small

Now, I really liked the end result of my card. Very simple but cute, I think. What card can I make with the A Muse logo though? LOL… A Stamping card, of course! What do you think? Like it?
Have you used shrinky dinks before? They are incredibly easy (easier than I thought they would be) especially since you can shrink them with your heat gun!

Thanks for stopping by!

School starts tomorrow… and guess what I need to make tonight??? No, not lunch for tomorrow! Teacher gifts… yes, last minute Lucy reporting for duty <insert rolling eyes smiley here!>


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