First Day of First Grade!

It’s here. The first day of school for first grade. I didn’t cry this year, at all. But I have been anxious. I don’t like change. At all. Not many of my son’s kinder class are in his class this year. Even though, I know he’ll make new friends, I know he has some anxiety about it all. On the first day of school, I drive and walk him in to his classroom. I’m lucky to live in the neighborhood I do and my next door takes him the other bazillion mornings! Anyway, I HAVE to take him on the first day… get the first day of school photo taken, etc. You know the drill. So, in the car, he says to me in that little voice… "Mom, I a little scared." ACK! WHAT??! OH NO!! <do not lose it now, mom!> I said, it’s okay to be scared, my son. The first day is scary for everyone because no one knows the schedule or what’s going on or anything. I told him that our neighbor that is going into the 7th grade today was scared too. He said "really?". Then we ran into a teacher he knew from last year and she told him, "You know what? The teachers are scared too". Ah, all is right in his world again. The fear of the unknown… what a powerful thing that is.

Dsc_1844edited_smallWell, it wouldn’t be me to not give gifts on the first day of school to the teacher, now would it? AND it wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t start them the night before (hush Veronica!). LOL. So, a million ideas for card sets went through my head but the execution of them would not have time to happen. Then I remembered that I had these little red pails that I ordered from Oriental Trading for a Christmas project last year (that never happened, btw!). Add some candy, a tag,
and voila instant gift, right? Dsc_1846_smallDsc_1839edited_small_3

I wanted to say something like "Good Luck" but not exactly Good
Luck (somehow giving a teacher a "good luck" sentiment on the first day of school seems WRONG! … like Um, good luck with those kids! LOL). So, then I thought…. teachers are Super Heroes. The things they do for our children is AMAZING. So, superwoman to the rescue it is!
On the inside of the tag, I stamped "Have a Super" from the "have a super day!" stamp and then I wrote "Year!" by hand.

I told his teacher that around 11:30 or so when she has a headache, she can reach for some chocolate 🙂 No, it doesn’t cure headaches… but it doesn’t hurt either!

Happy First Day of School!


3 thoughts on “First Day of First Grade!

  1. Awe…that’s so cute. My little Chloe also started the 1st grade this year. On the way to school…while driving in the car. She looked at me and said, “Mommy, my tummy hurts”. I told her it was okay to be a little nervous and that was just 1st day jitters. Reassured her that I would be walking her to class and hanging out with her for a little while. Just till things got started. Don’t you know…as soon as we walked in and she saw her friends from last year her tummy was cured! That evening when I got home from work. She was so excited…telling me how much she loves 1st grade. Yay!!! Oh, and I too made a gift for the teacher. A (decorated) pencil cup with cute pencils, paper clips and stickers. Her teacher was very sweet and appreciative. She even sent home a thank you card. Guess I need to get to designing some thank you cards for her. LOL!

  2. These are a great idea!!!! My kids would die if I had them still bring gifts on the first day of (High) school. LOL But I am always looking for ideas for my co-workers in elementary school.

  3. Wow!! I think YOU are superwoman! I have never made teacher gifts for the first day…I must be a bad mom! Oh..wait..I think a looooooong time ago I did have the kids give their teacher a flower on Meet the Teacher day. Does that count? crack me up! You did those the night before?! They turned out superwoman cute!

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