I *think* I forgot

The past two weeks seemed to morph together. Was 2 weeks ago that I met Lexi? Oh my. I *know* I didn’tDsc_1739edited_small_2 blink. Well pre-Lexi coming to town, I was working on my swap card for that gathering, my door prize, the Halloween sneaks for A Muse’s release and probably a million other things I can’t remember. One of the things I realized is that I didn’t show you my door prize. 

Well, I did 3 similar things for that night… a door prize, a birthday gift, and a thank you gift. Everyone had to bring a door prize (handmade or crafting supplies). My packaging was handmade but my insides were supplies – stickles, A Muse Ribbon, A Muse Pretty Little Papers, A Muse twinkle stickers, an A Muse stamp, and some stamped images of the retired Lifeguard chair, buoy, and you’re a lifesaver sentiment.  

Next, was Lexi’s birthday present. What do you get her? Well, she’s a longhorn fan so I had to find her something UT-ish, of course. And well, her packaging had to be orange 😉
Inside some UT stuff!

Then, I made a thank you gift for Rae Anne (aka Huera90 on SCS), wDsc_1755edited_smallho graciously coordinated everything and had it at her clubhouse in her neighborhood. Thanks Rae Anne!

So, let’s talk about this a bit… I have 20 some of these paint cans in my stash. Got them last fall. I thought then, that wouldn’t it be great to make these all up and then have them ready to go in a pinch. Um, yeah, great plan. Poor execution.

Oh wait, the Olympics were on during this time! People often ask me how do I get so much done with small children around, etc. Well, the easy answer is that I don’t sleep much. But the long answer is that I’m very efficient with my non-Mommy time, which I’m certain you other moms compDsc_1758edited_smallletely get. And I’m also one of those people that is constantly doing something. Another thing I do is I don’t keep my laptop on when in my stamp room and I don’t have a television in there, either (hence I hardly watch any tv during the day!). But back to they Olympics. I HAD to watch. But I can’t just sit and watch and do nothing. Unless it’s a chick flick, then I can. 🙂 So, what can I do while sitting downstairs (away from my stamp room) and not bring the entire room down with me. Hmm,…. I know… COVER previously mentioned stash of acrylic paint cans! I didn’t do all 20… but I did do 9 (8 shown here). I didn’t finish out the tops because I don’t know what the occassion will be for. They are SO easy to do with the A Muse 8.5×11 papers! I love the kitchen papers!

I really need to use up more of my stash of stuff. SHEESH!

Thanks for stopping by.


5 thoughts on “I *think* I forgot

  1. Love to hear about another stamper who doesn’t sleep much and can’t just sit around doing nothing. My husband doesn’t get this. If I’m watching TV, I can also be stamping, cutting, gluing, something.

  2. Well well well…you got it goin’ on there!! sheesshh!! I have some of those cans too. I love the idea of the paper on the inside. Did you attach it or just leave it loose so it can be taken out and used? I’m never gonna get anything done if I keep looking on here at all your coll projects….cause now I just want to do more on top of what I already have goin’ on!!

  3. These are just so cute! I wish I had been there! I am exactly the same way with my TV watching- I seriously can’t just sit and watch TV. I either have to be blog surfing, stamping or some other form of multi-tasking 😉

  4. Get out of town!!! These are adorable!! What an awesome and cute gift idea!! I love them! Where did you get the paint cans? Thanks for the inspiration!!! 🙂

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