A little lunch love…

Finally, the first week of first grade has passed. What a rough week that was. In our house, this is a MUCH harder transition than Kinder was. It’ll be alright though. So many new things for him and me. And he has to actually work now. Ah, the torture of it all!

The first day of school, both my DH and I put notes in our son’s lunch box. I had bought a book of "lunch notes" for ideas a year ago or something and I gave DH it to use. I had to make a card. I decided I need to do more of these. Um, isn’t that why I bought that little preprinted pack – for ideas??

Dsc_1837edited_smallSo, I think I like the 3×3 size for lunch notes. My son likes green these days. And I’ve already done the rock star for him for a quite a few things. This time I decided to use the treasure chest… he likes TREASURE 🙂 Don’t we all? And well, hey, we have this new Pirate stamp.. and he hasn’t been inked up yet! Ah, gotta fix that!

I only inked up the "i treasure you" part of the I treasure your friendship stamp. And the jewels are sparkly courtesy of my AtYou Spica pens and the new Uniball Gold pen.

His response to the cards when he got home from school, "Those were okay. <WHAT???> Would you give me one everyday in my lunch?" I’d have to say that we scored… um, I think.

Happy Saturday!


2 thoughts on “A little lunch love…

  1. What a cool card! I have the treasure chest 🙂 That’s a cute idea. I usually write on Michaela’s napkin…and she looks forward to that!! But this is even better!! thanks for the great inspiration Geeta. HUGE HUG!! LOL

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