Thank yous for the school

First an update and sincere thanks – My son’s friend, Sean, had his brain surgery on Thursday. It lasted all day. They did remove all of the aneurysm. He’s awake and undergoing physical therapy. And they moved him out of ICU yesterday to a step-down type room. YIPPEE! THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart for your well wishes and prayers. Now, hug someone you love! Or the dog or the cat… 😀

So, a while back, I mentioned how I’m making thank you cards for the PTA at my son’s school to use for whatever purpose. Well, I finally got around to doing that… I’ve started out slowly and made about 20 cards. I’ll just make more as time goes on and the need arises.

But, I have to tell you a little story. The A Muse "brassiere" stamp and the matching sentiment "Thanks for your support" crack me up. I dunno why I laugh every time I think about it. I mean I know it’s funny or punny but I seriously LOL EVERY time I think about it. Now, I’m to the point where I have been using the "thanks for your support" stamp a lot and I still bust out laughing… and the bra is hiding in a drawer somewhere. What’s up with that? I don’t know but I guess laughing just for fun is a good thing!

So, anyway, someone donated a large amount of money to our school the other day and one of the PTA officers asked me if I had a card to thank them. I went to make one and really badly wanted a sentiment that said "thanks for your generosity" or something like that. And well, while I was snuggling my 2 year-old (nice, cozy quiet time with my eyes closed in the rocking chair – where ALL my design seem to happen!), it hit me… I have a sentiment… "Thanks for your support" <insert LOL here>. Hmm, can I get away with the bra for someone I don’t know that donated $ to the school. Hmm, better play it safe…. what can I use? I KNOW!!! The A Muse school house stamp. PERFECT. Don’t you love when things come together?

I’ve made several with that stamp combination:






I’ll show the holder I made for all the cards tomorrow! Stay tuned.


Got candy? Peek-a-boo box


Did you see the A Muse News Blog on Friday? There are lots of very cute Halloween treat container ideas on there. Clever, clever… and you still have a month to get yours done for Halloween. One of my dear friends gives her co-workers something treat-y every holiday so she and I have been discussing different things to do. She has to give to 30 people and I have to give to 49 (teachers and kids!). We have an idea for this year and I’m almost done with all 49 of mine… more about that closer to Halloween!

Let’s talk about this box. I’ve had the pattern for a year now. The pattern was designed by Brenda Quintana, aka QBee on SCS. Her box was also featured on the Scor-pal newsletter earlier this year. I use the scor-pal version…she also has the version that you can print onto your cardstock and cut out.

But doesn’t the A Muse Kitchen Paper work well for this? I just love that it’s all Halloweeney and yet still Dsc_1947_smallsimple and clean!

So here is the inside…

I would only mass produce this box using the scor-pal, I think. But then again, I like "numbers". I had tried this pattern before I had a scor-pal and it seemed harder to do. I think I tried the copy it onto my cardstock and just fold and cut where noted…that method was TOO LOOSEY GOOSEY for this engineer-type. Ahem.

So, do you want a video tutorial of this or is the paper directions good for you? Either way, let me know!

Happy Sunday!

All images by A Muse Artstamps

A Muse Orange Kitchen 8.5×11 paper

A Muse Orange Crush Scrap

Acetate, 1.25" circle punch, SU! Word Window Punch, Marvy Super Jumbo Scallop Circle Punch, EK Success 2" Circle Punch, Memento Tuxedo Black Ink, Copic Originals: YR16 Apricot, BV31 Pale Lavendar, E00 Skin White


Oldies but Goodies: Music Player

Dsc_1855_smallGosh! I’m behind in posting about the Oldies but Goodies this month and I’m the "hostess". A few weeks back, the A Muse Music Player was my pick for the Oldies but Goodies stamp. The music player is one of my favorite stamps. It is! It probably is one of my favs because of the clean line design. I find that it’s very versatile too – can be used for both men and women and for any age!

I wanted to do something a bit different with this image. And so I looked at all of my sentiments and this one popped out at me. This whole card reminds me of how I’ve been getting "pink" things for myself lately. I live in a house of boys. And while I don’t like pink very much, the choices out there for women in the "electronics" world – ipod, cell phone, etc. are white, black, red, and PINK. So, pink it is. Pink screams NOT boy. And no one else dare touch my PINK stuff in my house. Yes, my card is red. But it’s the same philosophy…see the scallops.. 😉  I think my friend Michelle has a red cell phone. I don’t know what color her ipod is…

Have a wonderful day!

All A Muse:
stamps: music player, one of a kind
paper: kitchen red 4 bar notecard, french blue notecard
embellishments: red dots twinkle stickers

Copics: W2 warm grey, R29 lipstick red, BG10 cool shadow

Stampin’ Up! Scallop border punch
White embossing powder
SU! white craft ink

No day but today. Part Two.

Are you living your life like there is no day but today? So many parts of our days are worrying about stuff that just doesn’t matter.

Today I found out about some more people that passed on. It seems that it’s been an unusual September for sad news. Now, these weren’t people I knew but they were special people to people that are special to me. But it still makes me sad and it still makes me think about my family and friends.

But that’s not really what today’s post is about. Sort of.

My 6 year-old DS was in a playgroup from practically birth until about 3 years old. One of the boys in his playgroup and now in first grade also, is in the hospital awaiting his 2nd surgery. Brain surgery. They found a slow leaking aneurysm in his brain two weeks ago. The doctors tried to operate right away but couldn’t get to it. Then the waiting began. Now, it has shrunk and they will operate mid week, I think.

My friend, Michelle, and I went to see him and his parents in the hospital on Friday. He was doing much better, regaining some strength and pressing forward. He has such a long way to go ahead.

Anyway, I spent a good portion of my summer in the ICU. At the end of it all, I had a list of people to thank for various helpful deeds and support they gave me. So, I thought that even though it’s just a small token, I’d give my friend a stack of thank you cards. I figure she can use them sometime for something and lots of people are bringing them food and such so maybe they’ll come in handy.

Now, if you’re so inclined, please send good thoughts and/or prayers for Sean. He’s 6 and is a strong little boy. Thanks ever so much.

And remember… there is no day but today.

It’s a Family Thing…

Today is our youngest niece’s FIRST birthday. We went to her party yesterday. My 6 year-old said to me on Friday evening that he wanted to make her a card. Not just that but he was going to give it to his aunt to keep for her (the 1 year old cousin) for when she’s bigger and can read. I thought that was pretty insightful of him! Anyway, so Saturday morning right before the party, we made cards (isn’t that when you make cards? 5 mins before you have to leave??!!!) Well, my 2 year-old son wanted to do make her one, too! And of course, then dad came in and saw and made his own! (THIS was so AWESOME!) Funny thing was I wasn’t going to make one… well I couldn’t have my 3 boys give her one and I not, now could I??? All this effort for a ONE year old… makes me smile!

My 6 year-old did it all himself … and he made it double-sided (hence the 2 pictures of it below!):


Then my 2 year-old… I had to help him a bit… but just a bit…


Here is my DH…  I just love the simplicity of it…


And here is mine:


How fun is this? I don’t know that it’ll ever happen again but it sure was fun! And all for the little princess who turns one!

Thanks for stopping by.



Yo! Ho! Ho! and a bottle of ….


It’s National "Talk like a Pirate Day!"… ARGH….

A Muse has SUCH a great Pirate collection, don’t you think? There’s the pirate, Captain Jack, the treasure chest, skeleton, skull & bones, etc. etc.

Over on the news blog, there are several Pirate-y type cards. Go check it out.
Here is mine…

I made this card in the midst of making lots of serious cards and I think I got a bit silly! First, I saw my "YO HO HO" stamp and then I had Johnny Depp singing "YO HO HO and a bottle of rum" stuck in my head. But then I saw this shrinky dink I had made a while back just sitting there on my desk. And well, you know, being from Texas… you can’t go 2 steps without finding a Margarita somewhere! It all came together from that…

all images by A Muse Artstamps: palm tree, pirate, got margaritas, margarita (shrunk), yo ho ho, Skinny oval bl sm
; all paper: cabana blue band notecard, fern solid notecard
; Memento Black Ink, Copics, Shrinky Dinks, Copic Multiliner, Foam Tape

Have a great PIRATE-Y day, Matey!

Oldies but Goodies: Spiral Daisy!!!

It’s my most favorite A Muse image, by far. Not sure why exactly but it makes me smile every time. I think I have fond memories of using it during A*Muse*A*Palooza 2007 and I must have used it a bunch in all my card makings then!

Spiral Daisy is one of those versatile images … can be used for a more serious card or for the fun, whimsical type, too!

I decided to try to make a simple (Think Simple, Think A Muse!) but elegant card. This is one you could mass produce. I think Julie calls these type 5 minute quickies!

I used the A Muse 4 bar yellow chiffon notes. I even broke out my square nestabilties!

Simple. Simple. I love it. What do you think?

Supplies: spiral daisy, just because. chiffon 4bar notecard, Twinkle stickers clear, Copic Original Marker: Lemon Yellow; Memento Tuxedo Black, Spellbinders Square Nestabilities