Dsc_1862_1editedHere’s a quick card I made the other day using the new A Muse Seattle Stamps. I’ve never been to Seattle and look forward to going there this Fall. BUT I do watch Grey’s Anatomy and well, you know it’s set in Seattle ;). Ok, not really but they do make it look like it sometimes!

All images and note cards by A Muse Artstamps.



5 thoughts on “Seattle!

  1. Ooooohhh, I LOVE this sample Geeta!!! Completely perfect and gorgeous!! Love the asterix as the base notecard and the black scallop squares! Can’t wait for you to come visit us!! 😀

  2. How cute! Love this Seattle card. Your layout and colors are fab!
    Two years ago we moved from Austin to Seattle to escape the Texas heat and Seattle is a dream! Get a one-way ticket, Geeta! You won’t regret it. 🙂 You’ll have all the rain you ever wanted, green plants, tall Evergreens, and NO fire ants…and need I say A MUSE? How do you live in Austin when you’re so allergic to fire ants? You must not go outside! 🙂 Part of my heart is still in Texas because I was born and bread there, so I’m really not slamming it, but I’m enjoying my time here. 🙂 Doesn’t get any better than this!

  3. Love your Seattle card. On Grey’s Anatomy when they show the front of the hospital it is actually the front of the Fisher Building where our KOMO 4 News is located, which is by the Space Needle. Fall is a pretty time here. I hope you enjoy your trip. Susan N., A Muse Addict, Susan’s Greetings

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