What did I get myself into?

Okay, those of you that know me in RL, know that I totally dig this sort of thing but still???!!!

The other day I had a wild hair (darn wild hairs!) and decided that I was going to make my son’s elementary school faculty each a birthday card for this year. Since I’m now doing the school website (and the PTA one, too), I got a hold of the faculty birthday list and thought it sure would be nice if the PTA sends each person a card. Teachers, IMHO, are truly amazing. It must be a labor of love for all that they have to do. So, the least I could do is make a card, right? Well, the first birthday of the school year was today! I quickly realized that I didn’t need to make all 75 right now (thank goodness! I’m "clever" that way! HA! Not really…) but I did make about 25. Two designs… and THINK SIMPLE, THINK A MUSE. Time is of the essence!


Isn’t A Muse great???


4 thoughts on “What did I get myself into?

  1. I have those wild hairs, too and a difficult time saying “no.” I’m on the teacher appreciation committee and have committed myself to making treats for the teacher in January and in April. Fortunately, I “only” have to make about 40! You are so sweet to recognize the teachers birthdays!

  2. As someone who works in an elementary school I think you are FABULOUS to do this for your son’s school staff! It’s always nice to be remembered on your birthday but to get a handmade card…WOW!!!

  3. Wild hairs must be personality types b/c I get them too and DH just smiles and humors me! I love the cards and I’m sure they will be well appreciated!

  4. Man you got the projects flying off your table!! WOW! Yep…I LOVE the think simple…think A Muse style!! Ever since I became an “addict” I think that way 🙂 I love how clean and fresh things turn out with “the style” !! Awesome job girlie!!!

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