It’s a Family Thing…

Today is our youngest niece’s FIRST birthday. We went to her party yesterday. My 6 year-old said to me on Friday evening that he wanted to make her a card. Not just that but he was going to give it to his aunt to keep for her (the 1 year old cousin) for when she’s bigger and can read. I thought that was pretty insightful of him! Anyway, so Saturday morning right before the party, we made cards (isn’t that when you make cards? 5 mins before you have to leave??!!!) Well, my 2 year-old son wanted to do make her one, too! And of course, then dad came in and saw and made his own! (THIS was so AWESOME!) Funny thing was I wasn’t going to make one… well I couldn’t have my 3 boys give her one and I not, now could I??? All this effort for a ONE year old… makes me smile!

My 6 year-old did it all himself … and he made it double-sided (hence the 2 pictures of it below!):


Then my 2 year-old… I had to help him a bit… but just a bit…


Here is my DH…  I just love the simplicity of it…


And here is mine:


How fun is this? I don’t know that it’ll ever happen again but it sure was fun! And all for the little princess who turns one!

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