Thanks SCSers!

Oh my goodness! What a crazy weekend! Um, I mean weekend including Friday :D. I taught 4 A Muse classes this weekend including the special ones for the Texas SCS Gathering ladies that came into town early! WHAT A HOOT THAT WAS!!!  I even met Sandy again… met her 3 years ago at the first Texas SCS gathering in Arlington. She’s from Spokane, WA! And it sure was fun to meet all those other non-Texans that came in from NJ, IN, and CA. And then I got to reconnect with Jody… Ms. TexasJodyLynnwhodoesn’tactuallyliveinTexasanymore.  Truly fun. And of course, it was great to see some of my good friends that I hadn’t seen since August!

The one thing I learned from that whirlwind is I should sit more during the day and not stand up all day long for 2 days straight! LOL!

Anyway, many thanks to all the wonderful stampers out there that I got to meet or reconnect with. Thanks so much for a fun time!


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