Another look at Boris

Last week, Boris was featured for the Oldie but Goodies on the AMN blog. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know the story of how Boris and I met. And how he is the one that opened the door so that A Muse stamps could come live with me! Thanks Boris!

When I made this card, I was thinking of how things used to explode and catch fire and stuff in my laboratory days as an engineer-in-training. I had do take a lot of science classes, as you can imagine. I was always fond of the Physics stuff and not so much the Chemistry ones. I, of course, loved the electrical ones. But the Physics labs were just cool…  Anyway, this seemed somewhat appropriate for good ole’ Boris.

The technique I used on here is called starburst and I learned it many years ago from the Technique Junkies newsletter. Do you get that? SUCH a great newsletter. I have been a subscriber for many years and just love it when I get that glossy, colorful newsletter in my mail! Anyway, I taught this technique a few years ago to my SU! clubs and it was a big hit. I just love the results. Check out the newsletter if you’re interested in learning it!Dsc_1933_small

A Muse Stamps:
Brewing up some fun!

A Muse Notes:
French Blue note cards

Have a great Tuesday!


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