Remember the Cub Scout craft?

So, you remember last week or the week before that I told you the story about how I’m now in charge of the cub scouts crafts at our den meetings? Well, we did our first one… oh my, almost 2 weeks ago already. (I really should devote time to inventing the time stopping machine, eh?… good golly, it’s flying by)

Well, our cub scout is a Tiger cub… 1st grade=tiger cubs. I was all ready to make the craft with the A Muse Tiger stamp. Ha Ha… I didn’t own the tiger stamp. I *thought* I did. Oh the memory… not as good as it used to be. Well, be assured that I do *now* own the tiger stamp :D… but not in time for that craft.

BUT wait… HOLD on… I have the A Muse scout stamp!!! (remember… there are 2 …a boy one and a girl one! WOHOO!!!!)

The cub scout motto is "Do your best" and October is "Adventures in Reading" month for the scouts. So, what better thing than to make BOOK MARKS!!! Blue and Yellow are the cub scout colors (although orange and blue are the tiger cubs colors… but I didn’t have enough Orange CS that I could part with during Halloween month!)Dsc_1973_smallDsc_1972_small

Here’s the sample I made (left). I cut all the card stock for them and we used this self laminating stuff I had for an SU! project a long time ago to laminate them.  We used Stampin’ Up! Classic Inks, Card stock, and ribbon with the A Muse Tiny Star and Scout stamps. The words were stamped with Karen Foster Snap Stamps (now retired). We colored with colored pencils. I figured that would be the easiest for them!

Pretty Easy! The boys loved them and did a SUPER job. I wanted to laminate them because I know how *rough* my boys are on bookmarks!

My son’s work is on the right… and I didn’t even help him since I was helping all the other boys! He did an AWESOME job I think!

Addictsinsa_smallThanks so much for a great time down in San Antonio this weekend! It was so much fun to see everyone. I
even got to meet some ADDICTS. Kasevers (Kim) drove down from Austin for one of my classes and we met mirokey (Rose) and earlymorning (Dawn). Dawn came from Wisconsin… she centered her vacation around my class <BLUSHES> … can you even imagine? Thank you Dawn… oh my, how sweet you are. Some of my Austin students came down for my classes or just to visit the store – it was fun to see everyone! Thanks Stamp Antonio!


5 thoughts on “Remember the Cub Scout craft?

  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of the A Muse Addicts. From the smiles it looks like everyone had a fun time. Thanks for sharing.
    Susan N. (Susan’s Greetings) A Muse Addict

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