Sometimes I just *hate* computers.

So, am I allowed to say that? Being a computer engineer and all? It’s not what you think… it’s not the new computer I got on Friday that’s taking up all my time to reinstall all the software and move files over. No, it’s not that. It’s not the 2 websites I’m writing in my *spare* time either. No, those things are EASY. I say that with such attitude. You know why? Because I’m so bleeping mad… I am. I’m mad.

WHY IN THE WORLD DOES AN OVEN NEED TO HAVE A #$(*&#&$#*($& computer board in it? A computer board that we’ve replaced now twice already in the past 12 years. A computer board that will NOT be replaced this time but rather thrown away with the heap that it lives in.

My oven, when you set on bake, starts to heat up and then RANDOMLY (or so it seems!) switches over to broil whenever it feels like.

I ran upstairs to get my sneak to photo before the light was gone for the day. Yeah, so I made it to  the top of the stairs when I hear the oven "alarm" go off. THE ALARM to tell you something is WRONG is very late indeed. The kitchen is full of smoke and well the rolls I was heating are now black baseballs. THEN the smoke alarm goes off. And so do my dogs and 2 year-old. ACK.



One thought on “Sometimes I just *hate* computers.

  1. I am so sorry this happened Geeta, but your post just made me LOL! And the picture of those rolls is hilarious! Unfortunately Created by Geeta, LOL!! You crack me up girl!! 🙂

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