Halloween gifts

I had this idea about 2 months ago. Researched and researched and found the best price and size on these.
Dsc_2114_smallSpray painted the lids black. Filled them up. Punched and stamped. Thought I was ahead of the game. Did a little over the past two months. THEN BAM…um, the night before Halloween I’m tying on the tags! How did that happen? I so thought I’d be ahead this time around! Yeah, right…

We gave these to ALL of the teachers in both preschool and elementary …past and present teachers! I had slime to make for the kids in my son’s first grade class but we ended up not doing it because some of the kids in that class would have just thrown in on the wall at school or put it in someone’s hair or something and it just wasn’t worth the hassle of anyone getting in trouble. Maybe we’ll save it for a science experiment.

How appropriate to use Boris, eh? And these test tubes are reusable…for those emergency chocolate needs.

Boris and brewing up some fun from A Muse Artstamps


13 thoughts on “Halloween gifts

  1. Yummers!! I wish I were in the teaching profession with a parent like you around! LOL
    It always happens that way though, doesn’t it? You think you’re ahead of the game them BAM – it’s here!

  2. ny that would actually hold candy and don’t live near a Michaels. We live in a small community so shopping is limited to the internet basically.Thanks for sharing Ann Lind

  3. Excellent idea to use Boris with the test tubes; they turned out great. It would be really great of you to share your source for the test tubes; I can’t even find the Martha Stewart ones and I’ve heard they are too expensive for the amount I want to do anyway. Please?!! jmniffer

  4. Very cute!! I was eyeing the Martha Stewart tubes at Michaels, but they were too costly – I would love to know your source so perhaps to make them for my daughter’s teachers and class next year.

  5. This is perfect, not too much sweet stuff, just enough. And I love my Boris stamp. I am eager to use him again. Could you possibly let us know a source for the test tubes? It would be appreciated.

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