Make ’em Smile

About six months ago (really was May SIX months ago???), we started this fun thing on the addicts board. 15 people played along. The intent was to make a card and send it on to the next person in the list, who would then sign yours and send both on to the next and so on. Well about mid way through, we realized that those at the end won’t get many signatures on theirs as it comes back to me (I started) so we changed the rules a bit and they will all be sent around again and we sign the ones that we hadn’t yet and take ours out and pass along again. Whew. Did you follow all of that?

Well, the package arrived on Thursday! I’ve signed them all (ALL of them) and removed mine. Now’s it’s going postal again. But since I am the one that had them all I took pictures and put them in a photo album over there on the right called "Make em Smile".

You ought to check it out. The samples are AWESOME. I think everyone stepped up their cards just to play this game ;). In any case, great inspiration in there!
So, to my 14 make ’em smile addicts… you made me smile and thanks so much for playing along!

Oh, here is my card. The idea was that it would take all summer to go make the rounds so I made a summer-y card… a scratch n sniff one :).

Seems funny to post a summer card the day after Halloween!

Thanks for checking in!


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