Sneak Peek 2

Dsc_2153_smallHere’s my 2nd sneak! I had to stamp like a machine yesterday so you know my theory… if I can stamp one card and cross of two things on my list, the better!

This is my sneak card but more importantly it is for a friend of mine. She is going to a spiritual retreat next weekend (no, not in Seattle ;)) and one of her buddies is organizing a stealth card attack for her. She will be presented these during her retreat to know that she is loved. Isn’t that sweet?

So I added the cherry on the top and it needed something. My diamond glaze bottle is still packed up from my A Muse classes last weekend (Shame on me, I know) so I reached for my SU! Crystal Effects – same thing but OLDER. WOW. Lots of work to get it flowing again. YUCK.Dsc_2159_small

Anyway, here’s a picture of my shiny cherry!
Doesn’t it look all shiny and fun? I hope my friend Anna has a great retreat and that she knows how much she is loved!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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