Baby Shower Invites – part 1

Dsc_2154_smallI think I posted last year about how this particular week of the year, the week surrounding Halloween is my busiest week of the year. Yes, Halloween has to do with it but mostly my son’s preschool fundraiser is this weekend. It’s mandatory volunteer (is there such a thing?) work. But seeing as how I won’t be there this weekend and I’ll be in SEATTLE (for A Muse Instructor Training! YAY!), I had to pay some money to get out of many things and do some of the work ahead of time. I’d say that I got outta doing a lot this particular week and I’m not really sad about that!

However, Saturday, I was making my list of stuff I had to get done before I could leave. ACK! TWO sets of Baby Shower Invites??? Where did those come from? Many other things on the list and I’m still working on those.

But for now, here is the first set of invites I made. My SIL’s friend is having twin girls in January! Her first(s).
I didn’t want to focus on the twins just yet… more about the mom at this point ;).

I used MS Publisher to print up the invites on the inside. VERY QUICK indeed. I just fed the full sheet through my printer and then cut them. These are the A2 size and made with the A Muse 8.5×11 Kitchen Papers.

Dsc_2156_smallThis is one reason I *love* A
Muse so much. Seriously. It’s about the QUICK and cute. I made all of these invites from start to finish in about 1 1/2 – 2 hours, I’d say. Of course, I didn’t have to make that many…only 12. WHEW! And this maternity dress stamp is new-to-me. Isn’t it cute? I, totally didn’t look like that when I was pregnant but this lady does. She’s the "cute" pregnant and she’s having twins!!! That’s just not right. ๐Ÿ˜›

Happy Tuesday. Did you vote?


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