More test tubes!

First, I have to say thank you and sorry to all those that have emailed me asking for my source on the test tubes from this post. My apologies for not responding. I was waiting until after the Seattle A Muse Training to do so because of this…

I wanted to take something to all my A Muse sisters but had the hardest time figuring out what! For things like this in the past that I’ve gone to, we all "MAKE" each other gifts and hand them out. The issue came down to the fact that I didn’t really know how many to make for AND how to pack them in my suitcase!

Ah ha! Those test tubes would work! But it will be after Halloween… don’t really want to give Halloween candy! Hmm… (Of course, this was all done a month ago but you get the idea). So then I looked at getting custom m&ms made with the words A Muse on them. GAK! Have you priced out custom m&ms? That’s so not going to happen. Oh wait, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month! YIPPEE! Pink and white M&Ms everywhere!
Then … oh no… I don’t have enough test tubes!!! Good grief. My first order was 120 (much cheaper to order more than a few!). But I sold a bunch of those to friends that wanted to do my Halloween idea. Mind you those 120 came with yellow tops. (please note – the tops come with the tubes but not attached because they are "sealed" once they are screwed on… ask me how I figured that out ;)!) So those that I used for Halloween I spray painted black. Yellow covers NICELY with black. (Fusion spray paint found at Michael’s – for plastic).

So, I order another 120. This time I’m not sharing :P. GAK!!!! The lids are bright blue this time. OMG! And I have pink spray paint (again… fusion for plastic). It took like 10 coats or something to get it somewhat decent.

In any case, I took 50 with me to Seattle. They took a lot of suitcase room! But that’s okay, made lots of room to bring stuff back! πŸ™‚

I hand cut all the tags. All I have to say is the Crop-a-dile is a beautiful thing… punched holes through multiple papers!

A Muse Pink Kitchen papers, "mmmmm… Chocolate" image by A Muse artstamps, A Muse Pink Sheer Ribbon

As for the test tubes, I researched and researched for 2 or 3 months. I was a bit picky on the size I wanted. I wanted them to be big enough around to hold a lot… not skinny and tall like the Martha Stewart ones. They came out to $0.50 a piece for the 120 lot. They are called Baby Soda Bottles and are shipped very quickly!

SOURCE for the test tubes: Steve Spangler Science

What do you think? I *think* the gals liked them. Also, they’re reusable – great containers for snacks in your purse! πŸ˜‰

Happy Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “More test tubes!

  1. GEETA – you rock!! Thanks so much – I saved mine all pristine for the trip home and I showed them to my husband and he opened it and ate some!! I was aghast – “How dare you eat my candy?” He’s like – “That’s what it’s for, right” –

  2. Too cute crafty engineer! Did you have to wash each tube first and is that spray paint safe for using with food? I’m thinking of doing for day care treats and don’t want to make a kid sick. : )

  3. Thanks Geeta for sharing your ideas for the test tubes and the web site where you purchased them. I just placed an order. I want to make some for Christmas. They are so cute. It was great to meet you and your neice at the A Muse Cupcake Social. Susan N. (A Muse Addict, Susan’s Greetings)

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