Baby Shower Gift – part 2

You knew this was coming. Part 2. Went to the second baby shower this weekend. My SIL’s BFF, Maria. Maria is having TWIN girls. She’s due in January but already on bed rest so we brought the shower to her. She has to make it through Thanksgiving week and then she’s home free. I *think* she can do it!
When I made the baby shower invites, I used the maternity dress because I wanted the shower invites to be about Maria. I knew she was going to have twin girls then but focused on her instead. Now for the shower, as you know, I like to give thank you notes as part of my gift. Well, the thank you notes *did* focus on the girls. 🙂

The funny story is I walked into Maria’s house and she immediately said "Would you make me 20 thank yous?" Um, okay. Maybe. Sure. We’ll see. Yes.

It wasn’t exactly what I envisioned but it worked.

Darn sweet baby feet.

Twins. Girls. Can you even imagine?


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