Rhonda, aka craftyblessings or aka manyblessings or aka one of the FAB 4 (wow! she has a lot of aliases!), is celebrating a BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday!
DSC_0057 (Small)
In traditional Fab 4 style, we (Jennie, Michelle, and I) *TRIED* (honestly we did Rhonda) to get our acts together. I think Seattle and OLD AGE (these are my excuses and I'm sticking with them :P) got a bit in my way. We typically chat with each other and figure out a theme to do as a group minus 1. I'm not certain we pulled it off this time and I KNOW my card will be late! (same old story of my life…)

Yeah, anyway, on to the theme… MUSIC!!! Music Player to be exact!  I really liked this gift card holder that Jennie made. That Jennie, she's so clever!  I decided to modify it a bit for Rhonda's and I really like the result. I made my be a buckle card for the closure. DSC_0058 (Small)
Then on the inside an I Tunes gift card… aren't themes grand? 🙂

Oh, look at that… my I Tunes card is upside down in the picture. LOL.

A Muse Black Kitchen Notes, A Muse Popsicle Pink Notes, Music Player, You Rock, Happy Birthday Bold, Twinkle stickers clear

Anyway, send a shout out to Ms. Rhonda… Happy Birthday sweet lady! I'm so glad I got to meet you in person!



  1. GEETA!!! I love this!!! I did get it today, on time!!! Thank you SOOO much!! I love that you turned this giftcard holder into a buckle card too!!! This card is perfect and I’m so thankful for the giftcard too.

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