And the mass production begins…

with my neighborhood Holiday Party invitations! The party is less than 2 weeks away! This year it definitely is a last-minute-casual party! Those usually turn out to be the best kind!

I had to make 45 invitations in a hurry. I was doing SO well until my printer decided to throw a little fit. I used MS Publisher to write up the inside (details of the party) and then run it through the printer. I got DSC_0079 (Small)through 30 of them… clean … then BAM! no worky anymore… I've had this issue before and didn't fix it then either. But soon, I'll look into it if I remember ;). Somehow I fiddled enough to get 15 more invites printed. But those took me way longer than the everything else combined. Yikes.

Again, my most favorite thing about A Muse… Simple. This card is SUPER SIMPLE and yet festive enough. My priority was to get them out yesterday so I didn't have a lot of time. I put them all over my dining room table Sunday night and applied stickles (Eucalyptus and Christmas Red) to the garland. I *LOVE* Eucalyptus stickles. In fact, I have used an entire bottle up now. I have lots of stickles and this is the first time I've finished and entire bottle (not all on this project but through my classes, etc). Have you finished a bottle before? Anyway, the stickles added just enough sum-thin' sum-thin' (as my friend Michelle says). My oldest DS gets up at 5:30am every morning and comes down and gets his b'fast, etc. I was a bit worried that my cards would be in the line of fire of his yogurt! But all was well…
DSC_0078 (Small)

So, as I'm
tting these together I find that my printer actually striped some of the tinplate note card off. Curses! That darn printer! So, 4 of my cards were messed up at 10pm Sunday night. NOW WHAT? Fiddle with the printer again? UM NO! Improvise, instead!
See the scallop border? Yeah, between me, you, and the world :), I'm covering up the scrapes. I think I might even like this version better but not enough to redo all the other 41!

So, the mass production of stuff has begun in my house, which you know I'm quite fond of. It's not the mass production I get a kick out of. It's the doing something for some event/occasion that would not necessarily *need* a paper invite/decoration/thing. For example, this paper invitation is one of the few that we do for our neighborhood events. Everything else is with evite. I like evite but I like paper more :).

Happy Last Day of School before Thanksgiving for many of you Americans out there.

More coming soon…


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