25 days of projects – day 1: Mom’s holiday cards

Every year, my mother requests handmade cards from me for her to send to our relatives. There are many guidelines that I must follow when making hers. They can't be Christmas-y (she's Hindu). They should be mature (elegant not cutesy) because they go to the elders of the family, too. Winter-y not so much because we're from Texas (although I cheat and do this one almost every year because … really, do I have many choices left?). Can't be to blah, drab, etc… India is a land of color and certain colors mean certain things. And whatever I do for her, I can't do for me because our lists overlap. See what I mean? Sheesh. But I'm always up for the challenge.

And the story continues… last year when CHF came out with their Thomas Kinkade line of stamps. I *knew* I wanted one for my mom's cards last year. So I got one I think in July 2007. I played with it and couldn't get it to look the way I wanted. There was no way I was going to watercolor (or any kind of color) the entire image. I was going for the mono-chromatic look. But the colors are tried fell in the "too drab" category. So, frustrated, I put that away and did something else for her last year. But this year, I was determined to figure it out. DSC_0126_edited-1 (Small)

I used Adirondack Eggplant (go PURPLE!) for my ink and it looks stunning. I made 50 cards on Shimmery Ivory cardstock (similar to the SU! Shimmery White but in ivory). I didn't put any embellishments on it because each additional thing will cost a lot to mail to India. As it is it's not cheap. For the sentiment, I used the A Muse clear Peace & Cheer set. I stamped "wishing you" on the outside in black and "peace & love throughout the year" on the inside. I saw Julie use that "wishing you…" on something recently and thought it was very elegant. Thanks Julie!

So, I think I fit the bill this year. I think she likes them. She used to oil paint as her hobby most of her life and she did landscapes so I know that she appreciates the Thomas Kinkade art.

What do you think? Thanks for stopping by.


8 thoughts on “25 days of projects – day 1: Mom’s holiday cards

  1. Fab job Geeta! It’s so risky with such a large detailed image, but I think your instinct to keep it super simple works great! I bet these cards will bring some much needed smiles to your friends and family in India.

  2. I love the way this card turned out. It is so simple but yet so elegant. Your Mom will love these. You have so many good ideas. I appreciate that you share so many of them with all of us.

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