25 days of projects – day 2: SIL’s tags

So, some of these projects will be grand and most won't ;)… but they're still projects and still worthy of their day in the sun! This is one of those projects. And I'll *most* likely repeat something similar to this later in the list only because my list is based on who I'm giving to and not what I've done already. But don't you worry… each and every project is a complete project where I start again from scratch for the next! Now, you're wondering what in creation is this woman talking about???

TAGS! My SIL requested some tags from me back at Halloween (4 to be exact) from my nephew (2nd grader) to his teachers. I don't know what he gave them but they had tags attached to them! My SIL liked them so much she requested 20 for the holidays for *the* teachers. Hmmm… I thought he only needed 4 at Halloween… where did 20 come from???

Now, bear with me for a sec… I *have to* digress… Heather. It's her fault. Heather and I have been chatting for a while about die cut machines and such. I am no where close to owning what she does (My wallet thanks me for that!) but we do have lots in common. Let's just say I have a subset of what she does. 😉 So, we started talking about the Slice before we went to Seattle. Then what happened??? Days after we got back, she got one. And said something like "everyone is sold out of them right now". OH NO… THE KISS OF DEATH for me. I'm up for the challenge of finding me one! And Archivers had them and held one with my name on it for a couple of days. And then it came to live with me. Thanks Heather. 😀DSC_0131_edited-1 (Small)

One of the cards that comes with the slice (basics 1, I believe) makes tags. So, it was only natural that I *try* out my slice and make sure it worked right? I cut 10 tags and some holiday-ish type dies from the fa la la la card. THEN I put it away and began working on something else. Really. I've got other stuff I have to do! Then my SIL tells me it's 20 not 10. DOH! Now, I cheat and use some precut shipping tags from the Office supply store that I had (the manilla colored ones) to help make up some of the ones I didn't cut. In all there are 20 and most of them are different. They sure are quick though. Gotta love that.

Here are some closeups of some of my favs:

DSC_0128_edited-1 (Small)
DSC_0129_edited-1 (Small)
DSC_0130_edited-1 (Small)

So, there you have it. After a long post, day 2 of projects complete (and given to my SIL already!).

Do you like them? Hmm, I need to make *me* some tags.


2 thoughts on “25 days of projects – day 2: SIL’s tags

  1. So you know I had my Slice at Instructor weekend but everyone was too busy to check it out. I posted a Slice card on my blog today. I love it! I am not a die cut machine fan but I do love the little Slice. Perfect for my card (and tag!) making. These are all so cute, Geeta!

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