25 days of projects – day 3: Teacher birthday cards

Last night, I had a hard time getting started (mainly 'cause I stayed up to late Monday night!) but then once I did, I got a lot done! And I stayed up to late…again. Ahem…

I feel the need to clarify what I'm doing here. I feel like some of it is "cheating" only because the end result isn't a "gift idea". Then I think, oh wait, my blog entries are titled "PROJECTS". I have a to do list with 23 things on it right now (yeah, it keeps growing!). Not all are gifts but all are crafty projects. In any case, those are the things that I'm featuring here :). Okay, end of disclaimer!

At the beginning of last night, I was already done with my "saved" stash of projects to talk about. Wohoo. A whole 2 days into this thing! I had to get ahead! I don't know about you but I apparently have many projects half way done or more but not done done. Some I'm waiting for more stamps to arrive! But some of the others, I finished last night. DSC_0136 (Small)

Then, at about 11pm last night I thought I was doing well and remembered that I have an executive board meeting today (PTA) where I need to get birthday cards signed by the PTA. Remember that I'm giving each faculty a b'day card this year? Well my stash of 25-30 is depleted and time to make more. Nothing like a deadline. So, I whipped (LOL!) up 10 in a flash last night to get us through Dec! Finally got to use my cupcake set again!

I used yellow kitchen notecards just to stay away from the colors we see this time of year… it's Erika's fault.

Here is a close-up of one of the cards…

DSC_0138 (Small) 

Happy Birthday December and January people!

Details: All A Muse.. all the time πŸ™‚


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