25 days of projects – day 4: Preschool Teacher Gifts #1

DSC_0140_edited-1 (Small)A long time ago in a far, far away place… Well okay, so 4 years ago, I was surfing around on SCS and found this really cool book that the one and only Julie (who I didn't know at the time!) created and decided I had to try it out. That was back then. And every year since then, I think I've made at least one for someone, including whichever son was currently in preschool! I think it is a great preschool teacher gift because the preschool class is small, thus making the book a "good" size rather than too bulky. I won't do this for my 1st grader (although I think I learned that lesson the hard way by doing it for his kinder teacher last year and the book was too FAT!). Julie calls it an "Itty Bitty Album" … so cool. THANKS JULIE!

DSC_0143_edited-1 (Small)

There are 9 kids in my son's 2 year old class. And this holds 12 pages. So, I put the school name, year, etc. on the front page, skipped a page (back of front page), photos on pages 3-11 and then signed the v
ery last page. 

Child on left is mine. 🙂

Did I mention they are super fast to make? They are. I made 2 in no time flat the other night and I used paper from my scrap bucket! Gotta love that. This is part of the teacher's gifts. More later when they get done!

Have you made any of these before? How are you liking these ideas? I'd love to hear what you think.


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