VMAADEC08D: Home Alone

Jennie  is up next! 

Her movie: HOME ALONE! Remember this movie? And the sequels. Ah, MC was so young in those.

And her challenge:

Your challenge for this movie is to
make a card that reminds you of your holidays as a kid. Any thing that
was special to you, traditions, smells, foods, gifts, people, places,
anything you want!!

Here is my card:

DSC_0172_edited-1 (Small)

This one was hard… the only thing I remember from my childhood is that my dad ALWAYS made us eat breakfast and THEN take a family picture BEFORE we could open presents. It was like 11am before I got into them. AWFUL!

But I couldn't think of how to make that into a card… so I did the next thing that reminds me about Christmas as a kid… growing up in Texas… wearing shorts on Christmas, grilling steaks (yes, hard to believe, I *know*), and well, then that darn family picture!

So, again, not exactly what I wanted for this but still says something about Christmas in Texas at my house! πŸ˜‰

All images by A Muse Artstamps.

Having fun?


7 thoughts on “VMAADEC08D: Home Alone

  1. That is fantastic to see these “non-Christmas” typer stamps on a holiday card! Great job, Geeta! Now…how about showing us some of those family pictures?! TFS: Tinla

  2. Fun!! Very cool card!! I’m glad I didn’t have to do Christmas at your house and wait so long for presents!!! That’s like torture!! LOL!!

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