25 days of projects – day 6: Nametags!

Today is such a blur. So much happened today around here that it feels like days since VMAA.

Anyway, yes, it's 11:20pm and I'm just getting this post up… can't MISS my 25 days of projects, now can I?

My neighborhood party was tonight. Every year, we have the party at someone's home. We usually rotate and it's usually those people that don't have small children at home. Most of the women know each other but some of the men have requested name tags "just in case" they don't know everyone. Every year, I wait until the last minute (mainly 'cause I forget!) and print out Avery labels and then quickly stamp something DSC_0176_edited-1 (Small)on them. Well, yesterday (PLANNING AHEAD!!! … ha!), I had the *BRILLIANT* idea to make "real" name tags so that next year I would only have to update the new people, etc., if needed. By real, I mean, similar to the ones I made for Seattle for the A Muse Training. But this time I had to make 90 and this time I decided not to do lanyards.

THANKFULLY my 6 year-old helped me with glitter duty! He was such a big helper! I wouldn't have finished them in time w/o his help! Seriously. Party started at 7 and we were finishing them at 6:10 – that and tomorrow's project: the hostess gift! GAK!

Here is a non-blurring, close-up of what they look like:
DSC_0182_edited-1 (Small)
I did print the names on avery labels and then stick those on solid colored cardstock. Then stamped the A Muse garland, added stickles for the berries, and a little glitter!

The nametag cases and clips are from Walmart! Don't go looking for them in Austin anytime soon… I bought them out, I think!

Hope you like these. I know next year at this time, I'll be so happy that I did all of this today! See you tomorrow!


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