WOW! How cool is this? I can count on one hand how many times I've seen snow in Texas in the past 29 years… I *really* want to wake up my boys… but that's just crazy talk! Not the best pictures but I wasn't going to try any harder… it's COLD out there!  Pretty cool, eh?

DSC_0197_edited-1 (Small)      DSC_0203_edited-1 (Small) 


4 thoughts on “IT’S SNOWING IN AUSTIN!!!

  1. Hmmm…. I must have slept through the snow but I did see the sleet we got at our house. Almost hard to believe since it was 70-80 degrees during the day!

  2. It snowed and iced at my house too! My son was getting ready for bed and he threw his clothes back on and ran outside to play in it a little. He got cold in less than 5 minutes and came back in LOL. He talked about a snow day for a good 30 minutes. hehehe

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