Oldies but goodies: Santa Silhoutte

For this week's oldie but goodie over on the A Muse News Blog, we featured the Santa Silhoutte stamp. Oh how I love this stamps. LOVE IT. It means more to me than just santa's sleigh in the sky… there is something very innocent about it that just captures the wonderment in the air this time of year. The discussions around my house are quite interesting this year about ol' Saint Nick. Disbelief tried to enter here once earlier this summer when a nephew of mine tried to stir the proverbial pot… ah well, his mind was changed when Santa's coworker from across the way, Ms. Tooth Fairy paid him a visit. HA! Fun times! And geez, I should look into loosing teeth these days… the Tooth Fairy is MUCH MORE generous then she was when I was a kid. MUCH!

DSC_0134_edited-1 (Small)Okay, anyway, so I have a card to talk about. I wanted to tell you a bit about the card just in case you couldn't tell from the photo. 

I used a "trick" that Julie uses a lot, which is to put the pattern side in on the A Muse Note cards. Then I stamped the city scape image a couple of times on the natural side and cut it loosely out on the top of the image with my Fiskars Fingertip Control Knife. So, does that make sense? The buildings are on the "front" of the card and folds down to show the tinplate pattern inside.

I found out a gift card can sit nicely in here and stick ever-so-slightly out of the building tops!

So.. how is all of your holiday stuff coming along?


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