25 days of projects – day 11: Peanut Clusters and tags!

Every year, my two friends and I gather on a Thursday morning in December at my house to power *bake* (it's not really baking, per se). Today was the day. We made 778 peanut clusters … which resulted in 96 treat bags in 3 hours! WOW! Usually we make more but we stay longer too. So, I think we did pretty well. I'm going to chalk it up to my new stovetop! It just heats faster! LOL!

Anyway, I'm in charge of packaging. That includes tags. So in my efforts to make things easier on me, I found circle labels and ran them through the printer to "personalize" the labels. Then I used my SU! scallop punch and punched out a bunch of SU! CS and stuck the labels to them. Next came the stamping… A Muse to the rescue! Just the right size of stamps! I did make extra tags for other projects just in case I need them in a pinch… in the end I made 160 tags (40 each for my friends and the rest are mine).

DSC_0213 (Small)
  DSC_0205_edited-1 (Small)   DSC_0207_edited-1 (Small)   
DSC_0214 (Small)   
DSC_0212 (Small) 

And finally the peanut clusters:

DSC_0218 (Small)   
DSC_0219 (Small)   DSC_0220 (Small) (2)

So what do you think about all of these projects? Are they helping in any sort of way?

I'm 11 days in and the gauntlet on most of them comes down early next week. I wonder if I'll get done in time?? I'm so close on some and some not even started!

See you tomorrow!


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