A Muse News: Advent Box – A look inside!

Last week, my advent box was featured on the A Muse News Blog as part of the Advent of Christmas series. I posed the questions to y'all to see if you could guess what I put in it. Here was my clue:

I also have something in the box that would scream ME if all the
contents of all the advent boxes were laid out on the table together.

M&M's got 2 votes and purple got the other. So, if M&Ms were laid out on a table together with the rest of the team's box contents, I hope that you wouldn't think those were mine!!! 🙂 Purple… well, yeah, maybe. I found out in Seattle there are a few more purple lovers on the team! YIPPEE!

But no, that's not what is in my box. My box… is 100% PURE TEXAS! and screams ME. If you know me from Splitcoast, my SCS name is "TexasLonghorns". Adventbox004geetab

So, here's what I put in it:

And I do bleed orange as they say.

Go HORNS! Beat Ohio State!



9 thoughts on “A Muse News: Advent Box – A look inside!

  1. So cute, Geeta! Do you know that when I was younger and I went to Texas to visit family that I actually got really annoyed at seeing the shape of Texas absolutely everywhere! I was screaming everytime I saw something shaped like Texas by the end of the trip! That year my Aunt and Uncle (from Zapata, Texas)sent me a whole box full of Texas shaped stuff! I still have the magnet on my fridge! 🙂

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