25 days of projects – day 13: Ornament Exchange!

This is getting to be a habit… this posting at 11:30pm. Tomorrow… I'll get ahead tomorrow ;).

Actually, today was a very productive day. We put our tree up! YIPPEE! I was secretly trying not to, I think (actually just to busy to get up in the attic…takes both of us, DH & I, to get stuff down!). I kept telling my neighbor that I didn't want to put it up this year… it's not the putting it up as much as the taking it down. And I (by myself… 'cause no one helps me take it down!) will have to do that in 3 weeks. Bah humbug. So, my neighbor says to me "Get over it. You *have* to put a tree up." Okay, then. Guess so. My boys wanted to and I did too, just am lazy! So, anyway, it's up. We still have to decorate the rest of the house and outside. That'll be tomorrow.DSC_0241 (Small)

DSC_0243 (Small) (2)
The other thing we did tonight is an annual Austin tradition. We went to the Zilker tree and spun around. It's a giant *tree* (there really is no tree) made of lights. Once you're under it, you spin 
around until you fall down! FUN! Then we headed to the Trail of Lights. Another Austin thing. And the weather was perfect and we walked to the whole thing from my SIL's house. Tree – open. Trail of Lights – CLOSED??? What the heck? Oh, it *opens* tomorrow… when the weather is going to be yucky… maybe next week after school's out, we'll try again! At least we saw the tree and spun… and spun..

Okay, so Amy (my neighbor, Amy) if you are reading this right now… STOP. Close this. You can't see this post. 🙂 For the rest of you, click below to see my project for today.

Tomorrow night is my neighborhood's Girl's Night Out Annual Ornament Exchange. It's white elephant like DSC_0249 (Small)ONLY in the rules (stealing and what not) but the ornaments are not supposed to be tacky.

Every year, you may remember that I make my ornament for the exchange. It usually has something to do with our 'hood. And it usually ends up being cutesy. Well, this year I got it in my mind to make something "grown-up and elegant". Hmm. That's a hard one. I don't know if I succeeded but I am considering myself done. I think I beat myself up a lot about this one. I didn't want it to look like a Kindergartener (no offense to Kindergarteners!) did it.

I used my brand spanking new sizzix bigz snowflake die #2 3-d and some Martha Stewart Glitter that Heather *made* me buy (LOL!). I had to use purple. I started out with this white glitter cardstock from DCWV. It is pretty but it cracked. Seriously, the paper cracked after putting it through the Cuttlebug. Back to the drawing board. So I settled on regular white cardstock. It's actually 2 snowflakes glued together only at the tips and then popped out a bit. I used spray adhesive (LOVE THIS but only use it occasionally!) and then covered with the MS glitter.

I don't know about this and whether it will work or not for this event. We'll see. What do you think?


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