25 days of projects – day 15: Teacher treat boxes

DSC_0271 (Small)

99 boxes of candy to deliver, 99 boxes of candy
take one down, put it in the mailbox,
98 boxes of candy to deliver…

Greta (not to be confused with Geeta :)) Smithson was the Guest Designer on the A Muse blog back in October. She's the one that designed this cute little box that we are all using for the advent countdown on the A Muse blog also.

So, back in November I was trying to think of something I could do for the entire faculty at my son's elementary school, which is 99, by the way. I wanted it to be easy, of course, but still something fun… and also inexpensive. It pays to be the person in charge of all the technology stuff at the school. It's not only easy to get information out but if I put out a call for help, I get lots of volunteers! That's SO awesome (if you only knew what it was like a mere 10 weeks ago before we did anything electronically!) Anyway, I disgress. So, I decided I wanted to do something and then I sent out a message that I need bags of candy. 
Voila. All I had to do was come up with an idea to present said candy. 

DSC_0273 (Small)And that's where Greta's boxes came in. An 8.5×11 sheet of CS will make 3 boxes (at the 1.75 size), so I scored 33 sheets quickly using my Scor-pal and then cut them and put them together. EASY. Then came punching the 99 scallop circles. I think I have a *stamping* injury from punching that much! Luckily my son, punched the 99 circles for me! Stamped and filled them while watching Grey's Anatomy a couple of weeks ago. And then last night, put labels on the back saying "happy holidays from the PTA" and then adhering the front on. 

DSC_0274 (Small)

And then finally today, delivering them. Our

school is multiple buildings so here's a pic of the main faculty mailroom. Isn't it purdy (the boxes no the mail slots!)? πŸ™‚

Alrighty then… 10 more days and I might just live through all this! It was touch and go a few days ago!


4 thoughts on “25 days of projects – day 15: Teacher treat boxes

  1. What a fantastic idea but wow! What a lot of work! I’m sure they all appreciated your efforts and school faculty is definitely worth it!

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