25 days of projects – day 16: Polar Express Bells for the kids

DSC_0267 (Small)
The Polar Express… it is such a good movie. And a great book, too. 😀

Yeah, so okay, this is a similar rendition of a thing I did last year for my son's kinder class. I got the idea from a friend that did something like this for her daughter when the movie came out back in 2004. And I've loved it ever since. I'm going to drag out the belief as long as I can… and I'm sure you know… people out there are just plain mean and tell your kids things that they shouldn't about what is real and what isn't. Already this year, two different people have tried to tell my DS about the man in the red suit and his reindeer. Humpf. Don't do that. But I've been lucky to guide him where I think his heart wants to be. The time from when they get the whole concept to the time they start disbelieving is incredibly (!!!) short. I didn't think I would have the conversations I've had this year about this already.

ANYWAY, so I made some bells (30) with the tag that says:

DSC_0263 (Small)
One thing I got *smarter* at doing this year is color coding my boys' stuff… so one kid got all red and the other green. Makes it MUCH easier to sort out and deliver. They are coded because their "from name" is on the back of the tags. Novel idea, eh? Only took me a couple of YEARS to think of that. <insert rolling eyes!>

See you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “25 days of projects – day 16: Polar Express Bells for the kids

  1. My friend, Keri, color codes her boys’ socks. One gets red, the other blue.
    Red for Ryan. As long as the socks have red or blue on them somewhere, like stripes at the top, she can sort them out.
    I’m trying almost the same thing by sorting by brand. One gets Adidas, the other gets Nike. Problem is remembering who gets what. LOL. Neither of them has a name that starts with an A or an N.
    Love these little jingle bells!

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