25 days of projects – day 17: Teacher gifts- Calendar books

OH MY! SCHOOL STUFF IS DONE. WHEW! Last night, I honestly thought I wasn't going to make it through this morning – class party and distribution of gifts! In any case, the *good* news is many projects are done and just need to be posted to my blog.

But have I started my holiday cards yet? Um, no. That's not new though. I usually don't start until school is out. But I DID get a photo made… but then Sam's (where I sent them to print) called and their printer is DSC_0261 (Small)broken. AAAAGGGHHHH … will it ever stop? The one step forward, 20 million steps backward?  This is a GOOD time to breathe and remember that in the big picture, none of this matters. "No day but today". Ah I feel better already. 🙂

Okay, so this year's teacher homemade teacher gift is calendar books. I taught this A Muse calendar class back in November. When I prepped that class, I prepped extras so that I could make these for the teachers. Sounds easy enough. Right. I had made 14 over the past 2 weeks. Again with the assembly line process. One night was gluing, one was stamping, one night coloring, etc. etc. 

I had one teacher tell me it was too pretty to use. I told her in 2010 when she saw it again, she would have wished she did! Use your stuff… just use it. Like your *good* perfume. Don't save it for a "special" occasion. Just use it because you are special! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “25 days of projects – day 17: Teacher gifts- Calendar books

  1. Where did you get the list of dates on the left pages from? I didn’t see them on the amuse site and I want to make birthday reminders for my family. Thanks.
    If it’s a file that you created, do you mind sharing it with me and I’ll buy the Amuse calendar size that you recommend.

  2. i know the secret identity of wonder woman!!! sshhhh….it’s geeta:) omg, how do you do it all. i wish i had a sliver of what you have accomplished!

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