25 days of projects – day 18: Cub Scout Ornaments

Tuesday was our last cub scout meeting until after the holidays. Back in the beginning, the boys came up with a list of what a good scout is. We wrote those on a poster board for them so see at each meeting. We light a candle at each meeting. The candle burns until one or more of the boys do something that is not what a good scout is. When the candle burns down, the boys get a pizza party! So, long story even longer… the boys got their pizza party on Tuesday night. How appropriate to have the pizza party the last day before the break!

I wasn't certain we were going to the party because 1) the weather was awful that day 2) my son is a non-pizza eater (REALLY! I know! WEIRD!) 3) well, honestly I didn't feel like going. But, um, well, yeah, we – he and I did go. So hours (LITERALLY… at 3:30pm Tuesday), we start making gifts for his cub scout friends. *We* decided to make cub scout ornaments. DSC_0304 (Small)

We are the tiger cubs this year. You would not believe how much time I've spent looking at very, many 
manufacturers for a tiger die. Seriously. Well, wouldn't you know it… one of the Cricut cartridges I *ahem* already own has a tiger! (an aside… I am seriously loving that I get to pull out some of my tools/stuff to do all of these projects! So fun to use some stuff I haven't in a while!) And the colors this year are blue and orange. So, 2 hours later, we had 10 of these made. I hope them like them. I did handwrite the year, den and pack numbers (although that's hidden in the picture).

The ornaments are actually the medium weight square coaster that I cut to 3.5×3.5. Then we covered them with SU! Brilliant Blue CS on both sides. I used my Apricot Copic to color the coaster edges so that they wouldn't be white.

DSC_0305 (Small)Not too bad for 10 in 2 ho
urs, right? I was really thinking we weren't going otherwise I would have punted on this project and saved it for something else in the Spring.

But hey, I'm happy that I had a tiger die in my *stash* of stuff. Maybe I should shop more in my studio! LOL!

Happy *last* day of school for us and I hope you, too! Seven more days … WOHOO!


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