25 days of projects – day 19: 1st Grade Bookmarks

DSC_0307 (Small)My son's first grade class is a big "do work all day" (his words, not mine) kinda class. I thought it would be fun to make personalized bookmarks for all of the kids to help make reading fun. The real question: Stamp them or design them on the computer? Well, truth be told that I was running outta time. These were due Wednesday morning and as of the cub scout meeting on Tuesday night, I didn't even have a design in my head! ACK! So, the computer won out for sheer speediness. I did stamp one part and color that. Can't not stamp, right? Finally at the end I cranked up the laminator and laminated them for good measure. Have you seen how hard kids are on their bookmarks?

I printed a cute poem I found on the net about first graders:

I thought the poem was cute! It reads:

Now That I Can Read

I used to need somebody

To sit and read to me.

I'd look at every page they read

and listen carefully.

But now that I'm in 1st grade,

I'm filling up a shelf

with stories, poems, and other books

That I can read myself.

How are your holidays going? I think I've finished the shopping except for one inlaw, which my DH will take care of. I pretty much ordered everything online this year. I signed up my son's school as a non profit organization that receives money back from online merchants (like the big ones… amazon, ebay, b&n, eddie bauer, etc, etc.) so for every purchase I make up to 37% (yes, 37% – of course depends on where, etc… but the avg is 3%) of my purchase goes back to my school. Isn't that cool? I signed us up a couple of months ago and it's been fun watching the "free" money add up. Anyway, I'm happy to not go out and shop. I *don't* like to shop. Of course the hard part is figuring out what to give! I haven't started my holiday cards yet but they are on *the* list. So, soon. 🙂 I'm well into the *party* part of the season and have a few more to go to this weekend. But pretty much it's smooth sailing from here on out… YIPPEE!

Happy Friday!


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